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synopsis and ROLES

Real Women Have Curves is a full-length coming-of-age play set in East Los Angeles in a small sewing factory where five women work hard to meet the almost impossible production deadlines.  Told with humor and warmth from the point of view of Ana, a young Mexican-American woman with aspirations of attending college and becoming a writer,  the play explores themes of cultural expectations, gender politics, body image, and the Latina immigrant experience.

Directed by Stephanie Bartage


Ana Garcia (Latina, plays 18) - The youngest of the 5 women.  She has just graduated from high school and dreams of attending college.  Unlike other women in her family, Ana has a strong stance on politics and feminism. 

Estela Garcia (Latina, plays 25-30) - Ana’s older sister and owner of the sewing shop. Estela is undocumented and is afraid to apply for amnesty because of the money she owes for her business.  She is often nervous and frenetic. 

Carmen Garcia (Latina, plays 45-55) - Ana and Estela’s mother and the oldest of the 5 women.  Not afraid to speak her mind, she is a loveable traditional Mexican mother who has no problem throwing her chancla at you. 

Pancha (Latina, plays 40-50) - The most plus-sized of the 5, she is very comfortable with her body and happy with life despite the fact that she cannot meet the cultural expectations of having children. She is sassy and sarcastic.

Rosali (Latina, plays 20-30) -  Seen as the most sound of the women,  she is a bit thinner than the others due to her constant dieting.  She is very tender and tries always to keep the peace.

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